HI! Welcome to our world.

It is a world full of love, hilarity, amusement, trying to understand each other and just getting along. We have hundreds of stories with each other and would like to share them with you.

In my life I have had the pleasure of interacting with a whole bunch of dogs, of different fur and sizes, personalities and quirks but always a common goal of spreading joy, love and laughter wherever they may go.

I have taken great liberties with naming the dogs I’ve raised and I’m sure if they knew what their names were, I would be dragged to court by all of them combined.

It is time you familiarize yourself with all my adorable pooches and click on them to dive into the stories of their tails and noses.


Hi, I’m Scooby. I’m the reason all this started.


I was originally part of a litter my sister named Raja, Baaja, Naaja. 10 points to Lakshmi for creativity.


I’m so named because I have a cute Butt!

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