Butt #1: My Covid Story

I don’t know where I came from, butt I know where I have to go.


I have a Covid Story, April 2020.

Our sector came under containment and my human mom and sister had to feed the five of us.
The police was kind enough to provide 5 packets of meals everyday.
I would run to the police barricade to check many times if my food had arrived, much to the amusement of the uniformed personnel.
By lunch time a jeep would deliver the food packets and mom would go to fetch them while I would bounce around swinging my butt, looking cute and happy.
My sister would lay out news papers as place mats for the five of us, BUTT me being me, I thought all the food packets were for me!
Initially I had a tough time, growling and scaring the others; chasing one mound of food from another. Once I ate almost fifteen pooris from 3 place mats. Mum had to make more food for the others.
Henceforth my sister would guard me with a bat after I gobbled down my share so that the others could also eat in peace.
My stomach would be full, but my heart yearned for the next meal.

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