Butt #2: The Gentleman

So lately I’ve decided to expand my territory, venturing out into neighboring sectors, tricking new humans into feeding me, having barking sessions with new dogs, you know just to lessen the burden on my mother and sister back home.
Butt, there are days when my cute face isn’t as appreciated as it deserves to be and I’m left a little hungry till the end of the day.
That is when I decide to go back home the next morning. Now I understand that when I don’t show my face for days on end and then show up asking for food, I have to be a little extra adorable about it and so, I have learnt what the humans call knocking.
Going in right through the gate, perching myself in front of the wooden door, I knock on it. The sister goes gaga when I show such courtesy and immediately runs to call mom to give me food after which she gives me belly rubs for being such a good boy.
Ladies and gentlemen that’s how its done!

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