Baja #1: Gotta Chase The Sister

Let’s get one thing very clear, I am the FOMO doggo of this clan. If I see someone walking out the gate, I WILL follow them to hell and back.
So when one day my sister decided to walk to the mall, I was obviously excited to go check it out with her, but she had different plans and so ensued the grandest chase scene of our lives.
She put the first obstacle in my way by closing the gate of the alleyway she was headed down. Hah that won’t stop me, I totally slipped in from underneath the gate. Next I had to skillfully navigate through the alley which was a rival doggo clan territory! I threw caution to the winds and ran behind the sis with all my might, luckily the lazy rival doggos were all sleeping and I was almost able to catch up to her as she reached the main road. Things got tricky when I reached the main road as I was sure she hadn’t gone too far, but I still could not locate her. Little did I know that she was literally hiding behind cars to remain out of sight and put some distance between us. At this point anybody on the street could’ve totally believed that she was running and hiding from kidnappers after her life and not from an absolutely FOMO doggo. A couple of minutes later I saw her fleeing down the road in the most desperate attempt to shed her tail and chuckling to myself, I turned around and walked back to the house, proud of the chase I had given her. It was time to go home, get hydrated and take that well deserved nap.

4 thoughts on “Baja #1: Gotta Chase The Sister

    1. Hii Saanvi!! Thank you for the question 😁 The dog came back home and was wagging his tail when his sister came back from the mall 💃


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