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Who am I?

I am Lakshmi Saraf, proud sibling of the hero of this blog, Scooby Saraf. Cousin to Doe, Don, Dodi, Dodo, White Paws, Sherry, Chandu, Casper, Baja, Butt and many more honorary Sarafs.

I was a happy self-content single child up till the age of 9, when I was adopted by Scooby, to have havoc wreaked upon my life.

My parents thought that having the responsibility of another life upon myself, would teach me certain values, that I’m still unaware of, because teaching them to me was the responsibility of my amazing dog. What he did teach me was how to be abundantly lazy, over-energetic, forever hungry and to love unconditionally. Soon my friends became his friends, his became mine, he became my brother and I his sister and both of us together became a source of perpetual amusement for our parents.

Today even though he is not with us anymore, I still love him as much as ever, laugh at his antics even more than before and want to share him with the world, because he made it a much better place just by being a part of it. His friends are still my friends, my friends are still his and together we’re setting on this journey to make some more.