Hi I’m Cookie. Some people call me Cooks cuz they are just lazy. I’m not as fat as I look. I’m just fluffy as I have to protect myself from the Delhi winters. I love eating bananas, hence the fruit vendor bhaiya in my colony loves me so much that he keeps feeding me with BANANAS! I loovee traveling, especially in autos, its my favorite ride. I get so excited upon seeing an auto that I just jump into any, when i see one. That sofa you see behind me, that’s what I ruined when i was young. Now I’m a very wise dog (Notttt) Hehe. Nice to meet you all!

-sent in by Alisha Ono

Hot Dog!

The first time I met Hotdog, it was love at first sight.
Returning home after a long day at work, and spotting Hotdog casually strutting on the road in front of my apartment is a feeling of pure unadulterated joy!
Those tiny paws, that pudgy nose, and that frantic urgency to run towards me and knock me over always make my day.
In my opinion, Five minutes of doggo time is all one needs to make your day special!

-sent in by Arshia Ummat


From the time I lost my pet dog/brother to age, I always wanted to take care of another dog. 2 months ago, I decided to step out and feed some street dogs.
This is when I met Henna, an extremely cute doggo with an almost calm temperament. Every night, post 12am (I know this sounds creepy) my flatmates and I used to come out for short walks and feed Henna.
This went on for a few consecutive days, after which Henna started waiting for us at the end of our lane, having roughly estimated our walk time. She used to run to us with her tail wagging and stoop, a simple trick she used to convey that she needed pats.
Soon she started joining us during our walks as well, walking quietly next to us but not looking overly keen to be around us (that’s just her queen like personality if I may say).
A month into this new friendship, I had to leave for my hometown, even if this meant that no more seeing Henna or feeding her. And now it’s been almost 3 weeks since I left Henna’s town.
Sometimes I worry about what she might be going through, but then I remember what a fighter she is- how she managed to rule most of the lanes in our locality, and how she takes good care of herself in any situation.
Nevertheless, I miss Henna and I can’t wait to meet her when I return.

-sent in by Sneha Dutta Roy

Baja #1: Gotta Chase The Sister

Let’s get one thing very clear, I am the FOMO doggo of this clan. If I see someone walking out the gate, I WILL follow them to hell and back.
So when one day my sister decided to walk to the mall, I was obviously excited to go check it out with her, but she had different plans and so ensued the grandest chase scene of our lives.
She put the first obstacle in my way by closing the gate of the alleyway she was headed down. Hah that won’t stop me, I totally slipped in from underneath the gate. Next I had to skillfully navigate through the alley which was a rival doggo clan territory! I threw caution to the winds and ran behind the sis with all my might, luckily the lazy rival doggos were all sleeping and I was almost able to catch up to her as she reached the main road. Things got tricky when I reached the main road as I was sure she hadn’t gone too far, but I still could not locate her. Little did I know that she was literally hiding behind cars to remain out of sight and put some distance between us. At this point anybody on the street could’ve totally believed that she was running and hiding from kidnappers after her life and not from an absolutely FOMO doggo. A couple of minutes later I saw her fleeing down the road in the most desperate attempt to shed her tail and chuckling to myself, I turned around and walked back to the house, proud of the chase I had given her. It was time to go home, get hydrated and take that well deserved nap.

Butt #2: The Gentleman

So lately I’ve decided to expand my territory, venturing out into neighboring sectors, tricking new humans into feeding me, having barking sessions with new dogs, you know just to lessen the burden on my mother and sister back home.
Butt, there are days when my cute face isn’t as appreciated as it deserves to be and I’m left a little hungry till the end of the day.
That is when I decide to go back home the next morning. Now I understand that when I don’t show my face for days on end and then show up asking for food, I have to be a little extra adorable about it and so, I have learnt what the humans call knocking.
Going in right through the gate, perching myself in front of the wooden door, I knock on it. The sister goes gaga when I show such courtesy and immediately runs to call mom to give me food after which she gives me belly rubs for being such a good boy.
Ladies and gentlemen that’s how its done!

Butt #1: My Covid Story

I don’t know where I came from, butt I know where I have to go.


I have a Covid Story, April 2020.

Our sector came under containment and my human mom and sister had to feed the five of us.
The police was kind enough to provide 5 packets of meals everyday.
I would run to the police barricade to check many times if my food had arrived, much to the amusement of the uniformed personnel.
By lunch time a jeep would deliver the food packets and mom would go to fetch them while I would bounce around swinging my butt, looking cute and happy.
My sister would lay out news papers as place mats for the five of us, BUTT me being me, I thought all the food packets were for me!
Initially I had a tough time, growling and scaring the others; chasing one mound of food from another. Once I ate almost fifteen pooris from 3 place mats. Mum had to make more food for the others.
Henceforth my sister would guard me with a bat after I gobbled down my share so that the others could also eat in peace.
My stomach would be full, but my heart yearned for the next meal.

Scooby #1: Welcome to the Family

I am told that, my father, mother and sister got me from a vet, they had to choose between a very energetic pomeranian and a sleepy lethargic me.
Papa chose me thinking I would be lesser work, Bha! Bha! Bha!
Initially I would sleep and snore and sleep and snore which got papa worried if I was well enough. But as they say, there is calm before the storm, and in a week I was everywhere and my family exhausted on the floor!
I loved going up and down the stairs, round and round the dining table, taking a nap on the sofa and sometimes I would secretly think if my family was healthy enough to keep up with me, Bha! Bha! Bha!

Scooby #2: The big RED dalmatian

Once papa got the terrace wall painted Terracotta. Mummy would take me to the terrace to play and I loved to rub my body along the wall, ALL the way right, then ALL the way left.
So much so, that the wall faded with my rubbing and I became a reddish dalmatian, I guess I was in the pink of my health, Bha! Bha! Bha!
I had to visit the vet for my de-worming and for these visits, my sister would come along and there it happened that a little fellow pointed at me saying he had never seen a reddish-pink dalmatian.
My sister got red in the face with embarrassment and I had to endure a bubble bath on return from the vet.
I guess she liked me black and white better than colorful, Bha! Bha!