Our Stories

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Baja #1: Gotta Chase The Sister

Let’s get one thing very clear, I am the FOMO doggo of this clan. If I see someone walking out the gate, I WILL follow them to hell and back.So when one day my sister decided to walk to the mall, I was obviously excited to go check it out with her, but she had…

Butt #2: The Gentleman

So lately I’ve decided to expand my territory, venturing out into neighboring sectors, tricking new humans into feeding me, having barking sessions with new dogs, you know just to lessen the burden on my mother and sister back home. Butt, there are days when my cute face isn’t as appreciated as it deserves to be…

Butt #1: My Covid Story

I don’t know where I came from, butt I know where I have to go.-Butt I have a Covid Story, April 2020. Our sector came under containment and my human mom and sister had to feed the five of us. The police was kind enough to provide 5 packets of meals everyday. I would run…

Scooby #1: Welcome to the Family

I am told that, my father, mother and sister got me from a vet, they had to choose between a very energetic pomeranian and a sleepy lethargic me.Papa chose me thinking I would be lesser work, Bha! Bha! Bha!Initially I would sleep and snore and sleep and snore which got papa worried if I was…

Scooby #2: The big RED dalmatian

Once papa got the terrace wall painted Terracotta. Mummy would take me to the terrace to play and I loved to rub my body along the wall, ALL the way right, then ALL the way left.So much so, that the wall faded with my rubbing and I became a reddish dalmatian, I guess I was…

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