Butt #2: The Gentleman

So lately I’ve decided to expand my territory, venturing out into neighboring sectors, tricking new humans into feeding me, having barking sessions with new dogs, you know just to lessen the burden on my mother and sister back home. Butt, there are days when my cute face isn’t as appreciated as it deserves to be…

Butt #1: My Covid Story

I don’t know where I came from, butt I know where I have to go.-Butt I have a Covid Story, April 2020. Our sector came under containment and my human mom and sister had to feed the five of us. The police was kind enough to provide 5 packets of meals everyday. I would run…

About Me

Bow wow – sounds so cliched, so I decided to say Hi Paw! Contact Established.

My Name is Butt and you can call me Butt, but there is a rider as I’m an outsider, trying to make my way inside.

I guess if you have been reading carefully you would be able to picture me as a lovable four paws with a lopezian butt and a toothy grin.

I roam the streets of C Block, Noida, looking for food and friends (in that order!).

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