Scooby #1: Welcome to the Family

I am told that, my father, mother and sister got me from a vet, they had to choose between a very energetic pomeranian and a sleepy lethargic me.
Papa chose me thinking I would be lesser work, Bha! Bha! Bha!
Initially I would sleep and snore and sleep and snore which got papa worried if I was well enough. But as they say, there is calm before the storm, and in a week I was everywhere and my family exhausted on the floor!
I loved going up and down the stairs, round and round the dining table, taking a nap on the sofa and sometimes I would secretly think if my family was healthy enough to keep up with me, Bha! Bha! Bha!

Scooby #2: The big RED dalmatian

Once papa got the terrace wall painted Terracotta. Mummy would take me to the terrace to play and I loved to rub my body along the wall, ALL the way right, then ALL the way left.
So much so, that the wall faded with my rubbing and I became a reddish dalmatian, I guess I was in the pink of my health, Bha! Bha! Bha!
I had to visit the vet for my de-worming and for these visits, my sister would come along and there it happened that a little fellow pointed at me saying he had never seen a reddish-pink dalmatian.
My sister got red in the face with embarrassment and I had to endure a bubble bath on return from the vet.
I guess she liked me black and white better than colorful, Bha! Bha!