Reader Stories

Thank you for sending in your Doggo stories!

It gives me such great pleasure to share with all of you doggo stories sent in by all of you. I’m totally expanding my doggo circle here, hope you enjoy doing that too!


Hi Guys, meet Cookie! She’s an adorable American Cocker Spaniel and would like to command your attention to her story.

Hot Dog!

Howdy Hotdog! – an amazing, awesome , crazily excited and hyper doggo friend.


Meet Henna, an extremely affectionate nevertheless fighter doggo and read her story of the human-doggo bond.


Ferocity of Fero is camouflaged the way he is sitting so cozily with his trainer. You can never the judge the scare he commanded. Look at the way he is enjoying the swing


Meet Cadbury, very true to his name, he has a story of gobbling up food, read on to find out what.

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