Scooby #1: Welcome to the Family

I am told that, my father, mother and sister got me from a vet, they had to choose between a very energetic pomeranian and a sleepy lethargic me.Papa chose me thinking I would be lesser work, Bha! Bha! Bha!Initially I would sleep and snore and sleep and snore which got papa worried if I was…

Scooby #2: The big RED dalmatian

Once papa got the terrace wall painted Terracotta. Mummy would take me to the terrace to play and I loved to rub my body along the wall, ALL the way right, then ALL the way left.So much so, that the wall faded with my rubbing and I became a reddish dalmatian, I guess I was…

About Me

Dog Bless, is how I greet because I’m a Dalmation who now lives in God’s retreat.

Scooby Doo was my name on Earth, now I go by Saint Scooby, spreading happiness from above.

I watch all from the sky, as I am up there, very very high!

You cannot pet me but send me flying kisses. Sometimes you can even see me floating in the sky. A ball of fur, drifting by.

I send down hail and shower and sunshine and wish you all well throughout with my powers divine.

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