Baja #1: Gotta Chase The Sister

Let’s get one thing very clear, I am the FOMO doggo of this clan. If I see someone walking out the gate, I WILL follow them to hell and back.So when one day my sister decided to walk to the mall, I was obviously excited to go check it out with her, but she had…

About Me

I am Baja, you read right, BAJA!

And it is just not a random name, if you thought so, as I did at the time of my christening as now I’ve grown up to own my name.

I was brought up by a relative called Casper, whom we shall talk about later. Casper could not bark and I could not stop howling and crying and barking and making a ruckus generally.

So between the two of us, I made enough noise for both! Hence BAJA, always Bajoeing!

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