Hi I’m Cookie. Some people call me Cooks cuz they are just lazy. I’m not as fat as I look. I’m just fluffy as I have to protect myself from the Delhi winters. I love eating bananas, hence the fruit vendor bhaiya in my colony loves me so much that he keeps feeding me with BANANAS! I loovee traveling, especially in autos, its my favorite ride. I get so excited upon seeing an auto that I just jump into any, when i see one. That sofa you see behind me, that’s what I ruined when i was young. Now I’m a very wise dog (Notttt) Hehe. Nice to meet you all!

-sent in by Alisha Ono

One thought on “COOKIE!

  1. Cooks is so adorable! Well Cooks, nobody ain’t wise in this world. We all can be a masterpiece and a work in progress, at the same time. You’re perfect, just the way you are 😉


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